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A Good Addition To The Assortment In Your Store
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TapParfum has grown into a major perfume brand and has become a staple on the streets. Our perfume is known for its high quality and is fun and easy to sell. Because you work with your customer to find his/her perfect fragrance, you get a lot of customer interaction.
High quality
We at TapParfum, like many of you, have a great love for perfume, but why are perfumes so expensive? We wondered that too. Several years ago, we looked into this. After reading many studies and seeing calculations, it became clear to us that it doesn't have to be so expensive at all. Due to expensive marketing campaigns, many middlemen and logistics, perfume prices are skyrocketing.
A good complement
For many enterprises
TapParfum is a good addition for various businesses, such as home furnishing stores, fashion stores, barber stores, beauty salons and clothing and fashion stores. In addition, fully equipped stores can be realized with TapParfum's perfumes. Thanks to the refillable bottle, customers are encouraged to keep coming back. Moreover, you can choose to have your own name and/or logo incorporated on the bottle, so that customers always know where the perfume comes from.
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For entrepreneurs
Earn a little extra on holidays through TapParfum? At TapParfum, we regularly offer fun promotions for both our entrepreneurs and our valued customers. For example, with Valentine's Day you could have a personal message put on a bottle, and with Sinterklaas we surprised every customer with a funny poem when buying a perfume bottle. TapParfum is all about you and your customers.
Curious? Or would you like to know more about our perfumes? Then feel free to contact us by filling out the contact form or call 085 - 0657150 during office hours.
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