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About us
Where it all started
The sustainable refill concept "TapParfum" came to life more than 10 years ago in the markets of Leeuwarden and Groningen. The family business was founded by married couple Jelle and Ria Oostra, who have put all their passion into it ever since. When reinforcements finally arrived from the rest of the family, the different qualities came in very handy. Clarence Huitema, Jelle and Ria's son-in-law, was key to the sales at TapParfum and enthused countless entrepreneurs to add the brand to their assortment.

The two daughters, Marielle Kuiper and Melanie Huitema, with their qualities as perfumer and creative art director, added new dimensions to TapParfum and completed the product. Wilfried, Marielle's husband, is the brains behind all the technology; with his analytical skills he makes all the difference in the technical field. The family, along with more family members, who all supported within the company, has ensured tremendous growth within TapParfum. To this day, innovation and development are still at the forefront within the TapParfum family!
in-house production
At TapParfum the production of perfume is in our own hands, therefore we have full control over the quality of the perfume and the creation of unique fragrance experience of the customers. Through TapParfum's unique concept, our customers enjoy always affordable luxury in a durable bottle. 
The first sustainable refill perfume concept
At TapParfum, we share your passion for fragrances, but why perfumes are actually so expensive was a mystery to us. TapParfum's sustainable refill concept aims to recycle perfume bottles and provides affordable luxury for all your favorite scents! If you run out of your favorite scent, you can go to a retailer near you to get a refill so you only pay for the contents not the bottle itself.