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About TapParfum

About TapParfum
TapParfum has in-house production of perfume
"This gives us complete control over the quality and unique fragrances we create. With passion and dedication, we bring to life our own perfume creations that offer a distinctive and enchanting experience for our customers."
About TapParfum
"Outstanding quality, accessible, sustainable"
What are top, middle and base notes? What does TapParfum consist of? And how do I find the right fragrance? All questions you will get answers to on this page.
We designate our perfumes by fragrance notes. Fragrance notes are the individual components of the perfume such as rose, jasmine, orange and there are an infinite number of fragrance notes that can be named. These fragrance notes are located in the olfactory pyramid of a perfume. This can be in the top, middle or base notes.
Olfactory Pyramid | Fragrance Notes
These fragrance notes are located in the olfactory pyramid of a perfume. This can be in the top, middle or
base note.
Explanation of fragrance notes
Top notes
The top notes contain the small molecule fragrance notes. These will emerge strongly at first but also dissipate quickly. This includes citrus aromatic and green notes, for example, and These fragrance notes remain evident for about 15-20 minutes.
middle notes
The fragrance notes in this phase will remain distinct for a medium time. In this you will find many flowers, herbs and fruits. This lasts for about 4 to 5 hours.
Basic notes
The base contains large-molecule fragrance notes. These last the longest. In the base are woods, balsams, amber, musk and vanilla. These last for a long time.
The first refillable perfume concept
We at TapParfum, like many of you, have a great love for perfume, but why are perfumes so expensive? We wondered that too. Several years ago, we looked into this. After reading many studies and seeing calculations, it became clear to us that it doesn't have to be so expensive at all. Due to expensive marketing campaigns, many middlemen and logistics, perfume prices are skyrocketing.
High percentage of oil
High quality fragrance oils
TapParfum's perfumes contain between 20% and 40% of fragrance oil. In addition, we use high-quality colorless and odorless alcohol. Because of this unique composition, our perfumes are classified as perfumes.