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On Father's Day, all fathers have a birthday

On Father's Day, on Father's Day all fathers have a birthday...?

And with that, of course, comes a gift.

But how incredibly difficult it is to find a nice gift again. Tools? The shed is already full of those. Beer? A bit boring to give. A bunch of flowers? Huh, that's more for Mother's Day, isn't it? PARFUM?! Yes that's the perfect gift.

Perfume is among the top 3 most popular gifts for Father's Day, but a few questions immediately arise:

  1. What scent would he like?
  2. How expensive is it (I would like to give a small gift)?

Below we provide answers to your questions:

Picking a scent can be very tricky but these tips will get you a long way.

  • Find a perfume in the TapParfum search engine. This can be found on the website and in many TapParfum outlets. In this search engine, you can search by favorite scents, fragrance family, styles and features.
  • Look at the national top 10. In these are fragrances that are much loved by many men. Perfumes that you are often good with are:
    • LE100
    • LE101
    • LE307
  • Buy an empty bottle from a TapParfum outlet and include a voucher to have it filled. That way you can be sure he has a perfume that suits him well.
  • If he doesn't like very heavy scents and just wants a perfume to freshen up a bit, go for a body spray.
  • Visit a TapParfum outlet and get advice.

A perfume from TapParfum is also perfect if you want to give a small gift. In fact, you can buy a bottle of perfume from as little as €12.50! For this you have 30ml of perfume. And a nice bonus is that you can refill this bottle. A refill of 30ml costs only €10!

At TapParfum you can choose from several models of bottles and caps. This way you can, personalize your Father's Day gift.